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election debates
Political News — Current Debates — Political Commentary — Election Politics May 2015
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memorial day

Let Us Honor the Soldier on Memorial Day

To quote a famous tribute:

“It is the soldier, not the reporter, who has given us freedom of the press.
It is the soldier, not the poet, who has given us freedom of speech.
It is the soldier, not the community organizer, who has given us the freedom to demonstrate.
It is the soldier, who salutes the flag, who serves beneath the flag, and whose coffin is draped by the flag, who allows the protester to burn the flag.”

Hillary Caught Lying — Again — About Her Email

Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has been caught in another lie regarding her private email accounts that she used during her tenure at the agency.

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Hillary IS the One Percent

Hillary Clinton, without a trace of irony, has called for “toppling” the 1 percent. The heavy favorite for the Democrat presidential nomination has publicly spoken in favor of the targeting of those who — like herself and her husband — are the wealthiest of the wealthy.


The Clinton Cash Machine

A recent article in The American Thinker is a must-read for anyone wishing to grasp the full extent of the Clintons' shameless avarice and duplicity. For the longest time we've known Hillary Clinton as a grim, castrating harridan; a pants-suit-wearing harpy. Now, with Peter Schweizer's new book, Clinton Cash, we get a good look at the ultimate Hillary, and she turns out to be one of the world's truly scary women. Think Lady Macbeth, Messalina, or Evita.

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China Gearing Up for Drone Warfare

A fascinating and unsettling new story in The Washington Free Beacon says that according to the Pentagon’s annual report on the People’s Liberation Army (PLA), China’s military is planning to produce almost 42,000 land and sea-based unmanned weapons and sensor platforms as part of its ongoing, large-scale military buildup.

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Marco Rubio Schools Obama on Israel

One of our favorite Senators, Florida's Marco Rubio, gave an impassioned and memorable speech to his colleagues on the Senate floor recently to express his opinion on what can only be called President Obama’s assault on Israel.


Terminal Clinton Fatigue

Has Clinton immunity syndrome finally worn off? Several factors could be at work — the Obama machine's covert sabotage of Hillary’s attempts to seize back control of the Democrat Party apparatus, the contrast between Hillary’s screech and cackle and the smooth geniality of her husband, and/or something as simple as... Clinton Fatigue.


What Difference Does Her Age Make?

If Hillary Clinton is elected, she'll be the second-oldest President in the history of the country.


The New Faces of the Republican Party

Despite the best efforts of the Democrat party to smear and defame them as racists, sexists and bigots, Republicans have elected a fresh and thoroughly diverse slate of candidates to the Congress and Senate in the 2014 midterms.


Scott Walker's Victory Speech

Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker may be the hottest and most talked-about Republican politician in the country. His defeat of Mary Burke in a race that turned out to be not nearly as close as it looked heading into Tuesday's elections (52%-46%) has thrust him once again into the national spotlight and further stoked the fires of political speculation around a possible presidential candidacy in 2016. This is his third electoral triumph in four years. He's governing a historically very liberal state as an unvarnished, unapologetic conservative — and winning. Listen to his victory speech, which was passionate, but also generous and gracious. Its intended audience extends far beyond Wisconsin.


Michelle Obama's School Lunch Starvation Diet

As reported in the MailOnline, students across the country are taking to social media to blast Michelle Obama for the paltry and unappetizing school lunches they are being force-fed by the federal government.


Watch This Powerful Campaign Ad
From Elbert Guillory

Elbert Guillory: Mary Landrieu is Not Helping Blacks

“You are not Mary's cause and you are certainly not her charity. You are just a vote — nothing less, and nothing more. For her you are just a means to an end, so that she remains in power.”



Bush Was Telling the Truth on WMDs

To paraphrase Reverend Wright, the Democrats' chickens are coming home to roost. At least those chickens related to Iraq. And boy are they making a racket.

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The Politics of Ebola

The politics of pandemics were always going to make America's trip on Ebola's deadly roller coaster a white-knuckle affair, but with Barack Obama in charge things were bound to be worse — the hairpin turns would be sharper, the drops steeper, the g-forces more punishing for everyone along for the nerve-wracking ride.

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African Americans Think
Race Relations Worse Since 2009

Many people used to believe an Obama presidency would mark a turning point for race relations. They ignored Obama's political background, his long association with a hate-mongering pastor, and his radical affiliations. Now, even the President's staunchest supporters — African Americans — are starting to admit the obvious: Barack Obama isn't a racial healer. He's the opposite. For more, read this article at National Review.

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Has Hillary Ever Been Right?

At WorldNet Daily, columnist Patrick Buchanan asks a question liberals everywhere should ask before they shake the election campaign pom-poms for Hillary Clinton.

Has she ever been right about anything important in her political career?

Was she right to vote against the Surge in Iraq in 2006?
Was she right in her "Reset" policy initiative with the Russians?
Was she right on the question of removing Moammar Qadafi in Libya?
Was she right to deny extra security to the American embassy in Benghazi?

Buchanan asks (and answers) these and other questions in one of his typically insightful columns.

We've suffered terribly for letting racial symbolism be the determining factor in the last two presidential elections. Are we about to let gender symbolism be the determining factor in 2016? Have we learned anything from our experience? Anything at all?

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Al Gore: Wrong Again

Climate-change charlatan Al Gore has been so wrong so many times in his dire global warming predictions that it's a wonder anyone listens to him at all. He may have made a fortune doing it, but the man simply has nothing worthwhile to say on the subject of earth's climate. But he continues to command respect among a sizable number of people – many of them government officials and liberal elite opinion leaders. So here in the fact-centric community, we consider it our duty to keep pointing out when Mr. Gore's wild predictions go belly-up, as they always do.

The latest example? The Daily Mail reports that, contrary to Gore's apocalyptic warning in 2007 during his acceptance speech after winning the Nobel Peace Prize for climate-change alarmism, not only has the arctic sea ice cap not melted away, it's gotten larger. And not just a little bit larger – a whole lot larger. We've got the satellite photos to prove it.

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The JV Team?

Obama calls ISIS the JV Team... He doesn't fight them in Iraq... he lets everyone invade America by opening our southern border... he doesn't want to fight terror in Chicago, or Las Vegas, or Boston, or Denver. ISIS doesn't fear America and they don't fear this President.

President Bush was different... “I'm fighting them over there, so that we don't have to fight them in our cities.”

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The Illegal Alien Invasion

Imagine millions of soldiers on our southern border, flooding into our nation. Imagine also that our own leaders were providing material support for this invasion – intentionally undermining our border security.

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A Brief History of the IRS Scandal

The IRS scandal – in which a politicized Internal Revenue Service has become an arm of the Democrat party and an instrument of political repression used by liberals against conservatives – should serve as a warning to every politically-aware American citizen, regardless of party affiliation.

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“Why Can't They Go Back?”

Good question, isn't it? It was asked by Bernadette Lancelin, in an interview with a Fox News reporter. She lives in Houston, near a closed middle school that the Obama administration is thinking of converting into a detention center, where large numbers of illegal alien children will be warehoused. Whether people like Bernadette agree or not, and whether ordinary Americans agree or not, the President and his party are seemingly intent on turning the United States into the orphanage of the world. They see power and political advantage in it. Bernadette and the rest of us see our neighborhoods getting worse. Don't try and tell us we're racists or that we don't like little Hispanic children. We just think they should be back in their home countries, with their mothers and fathers.

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Democrats Want Millions Of Illegal
Aliens To Flood Cities Across America

The Obama Administration is encouraging thousands of Central American families and unaccompanied children to come to the U.S. illegally. Now, to relieve the squalid and overcrowded conditions at the facilities used to house the illegals, the President is sending buses and planes full of them to cities all over the country. Thankfully, the residents of at least one small town, Murrieta, California, are standing up and blocking the buses, at no small risk to themselves. We can only hope that more citizens follow Murrieta's example.

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The Iraq Crisis

The Islamic State of Iraq and Syria – aka ISIS – has, in a strikingly short time, seized control of a huge geographic area stretching from the eastern edge of the Syrian city of Aleppo, all the way to Fallujah in western Iraq. Their stated goal is to create a new caliphate – and little seems to be standing in their way.


The VA Scandal

When Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein did their now-legendary reporting in the 1970s, they shone a spotlight on abuse of power and corruption that led to the resignation of a president. It was the epitome of what a free press can do when it fulfills its constitutional role and duty.


Let the Hillary Gaffathon Begin!

Hillary Clinton is looking less and less inevitable as the next President of the United States, don't you think? Her recent press interviews haven't gone well, the press isn't ignoring her gaffes like they used to, the sales of her new book are cratering...


Obama, Hillary, and the Gitmo Terrorists

Did Barack Obama really break federal law, and release committed, fanatical jihadists to distract the country from the VA scandal? It sure looks that way. The White House has now admitted what every thinking American who's paying attention already knows: it refused to tell Congress before trading away five Taliban heavy-hitters from Gitmo for one undeserving American military deserter: Bowe Bergdahl.


The Burning Man

It was an article of faith with liberals that the election of Barack Obama would restore the world's good opinion of America, after all the PR damage supposedly done by President Bush. Conservatives have always been skeptical about that assumption.


— Past Stories —

$16 Trillion

For the first time in the history of the country, federal debt has topped $16 trillion dollars. The enormity of that sum beggars the imagination. One-third of it has has been...

Stimulus Price Tag: $2 Million per Job

Government bean-counters in Los Angeles are finding out how little good the Obama Administration's stimulus gravy train is doing. The City Controller audit found that...

88 Million Unemployed

The Bureau of Labor Statistics claimed that 120,000 jobs were created and the unemployment rate fell to 8.2% in March. These are, superficially, hopeful statistics — the kind liberal...


The activities of ACORN (Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now) are coming under increasing scrutiny as fraud charges against them mount up in...

Does Obama Want to Win in Afghanistan?

Milwaukee talk-show host Mark Belling had an excellent monologue on the controversy over President Obama and General Stanley McChrystal in Afghanistan. Here are some...

Against It Before They Were For It

As Mark Belling says, Solyndra isn't the tip of the iceberg in the green energy scandal. It's the cancer cell found by the doctor which leads to further tests that reveal...

Ahmadinejad and Israel

An idea is dying. Viewers of America's presidential debates in 2008 saw its birth when candidate Barack Obama declared his willingness to meet personally with Iran's tyrant...

America's Freedoms

Since the beginning of time, the overwhelming majority of people living in the world have never had the kind of liberty and freedom that people here take for granted every day...

Gay Marriage and the Tyranny of Judges

It's undoubtedly true that when Judge Vaughn Walker stepped into the voting booth back in 2008 to cast his vote on Proposition 8 as a private citizen, he voted 'No' – as was his right...

The Case for Oil Drilling at ANWR

In December of 1995, President Clinton vetoed oil drilling at the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge (ANWR), claiming that “the coastal plain was the biological heart of ANWR and exploration...

Is Obama Losing Egypt?

Ominous signs suggest that the Muslim Brotherhood's influence in Egypt is on the rise in the post-Mubarak era. Thirty years after assassinating President Anwar Sadat...

Arizona’s Ugly but Indispensable Law

There are countless aspects of government that are less than appealing to one degree or another; that doesn't mean they're not worthwhile. There's no denying, for instance, that there’s...

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