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What do the statue
destroyers really want?

All across the nation, statues of historical Confederate figures are being removed, warehoused, and sometimes defaced or destroyed. This is happening under the false assumption that they are "symbols" of racism.

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The High Cost of the Minimum Wage

Supporters of a $15/hour minimum wage claim their proposals will take money from business owners and give it to low-wage workers. But most minimum-wage employees work for small companies that make small profits. Such companies can only afford to pay those higher wages by raising their prices.

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The 45th American President, Donald J. Trump, Takes Office

Donald Trump’s inaugural address was a clarion call for national unity and a declaration of war on the Washington establishment. Political observers will also recognize it instantly as vintage Trump: supercharged and politically incorrect, hard-hitting, unsubtle in the extreme, strongly delivered, and hugely ambitious. Anyone who thought Trump would change once he got to Washington — i.e. "go native" — was proven wrong.


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