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Political News — Current Debates — Political Commentary — Election Politics July 2016
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FBI Sounds Dire Warning About Hillary

Notwithstanding the decision by FBI director James Comey to recommend no prosecution in the Hillary Clinton email server case, the FBI findings may prove far more politically damning to “candidate” Hillary Clinton than you might think — especially if Donald Trump uses them effectively.

Director Comey laid out in damning detail evidence that Secretary Hillary Clinton and her State Department administration staff were grossly incompetent, ill equipped, negligent, and extremely careless about their most important duties at the State Department.

The State Department deals primarily in information, a great deal of which is highly sensitive and considered classified under separate and varying degrees of security. This information is also fluid and can become highly dangerous if America’s enemies get their hands on it.

The duty of the secretary of state is not only to be the official spokesperson for our country in many capacities, but also to maintain the highest level of security for every piece of information that passes through the State Department. The safety and security of our nation depends quite literally on the competence of the secretary of state and the State Department administration working with this sensitive — and potentially dangerous — information.

The evidence that Director Comey referred to regarding Secretary Clinton and how she ran the State Department should be of grave concern to every American citizen realizing that this person could well be running the White House this coming January.

Director Comey said without equivocation that Hillary Clinton and her State Department administration staff and colleagues were “extremely carless” in their duties with respect to communication and the protection of highly sensitive material that has a direct bearing on the safety and protection of this nation and each and every American citizen.

Comey is telling America that to a frightening degree, Hillary Clinton gave insufficient attention and thought to her position as secretary of state in order to avoid harm to our nation.

Hillary Clinton’s performance and actions as secretary of state as documented by the FBI are the last straw. They prove beyond a doubt that she is unqualified and unfit to be president of the United States.