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Obama, Hillary, and the Gitmo Terrorists

Did Barack Obama really break federal law, and release committed, fanatical jihadists to distract the country from the VA scandal?

It sure looks that way to us.

The White House has now admitted what every thinking American who's paying attention already knows: it refused to tell Congress before trading away five Taliban heavy-hitters from Gitmo for one undeserving American military deserter: Bowe Bergdahl. Can there be any doubt that the freed jihadists will soon be plotting and planning to attack and kill as many Americans as they can, wherever they can find them?

Obama officials claim they had no choice but to act quickly because Bergdahl's "failing health" might otherwise have prevented the deal altogether. Most Americans would have preferred it that way. But when has the Obama administration ever given a damn what most Americans think?

Let's not forget that Bergdahl was in Taliban custody for five years. What could possibly have been so pressing to Obama that not only couldn't he give Congress the legally-required 30 day notice, but – because the deal was finalized on the weekend – the swap had to be done so quickly that Congress could only be told about it afterward?

Let's also not forget that the VA outrage was harming Obama faster than a vet on one of his regime's hushed-up waiting lists. And, unlike the many other scandals mushrooming so prolifically from this lawless bunch, the Bergdahl swap has even managed to antagonize some of Obama's Democrat allies (at least those who are up for reelection this year).

And so, five years' bitter experience with Obama leads us inexorably to another question:

What better way for him to stanch his own well-deserved political bleeding than to bring home one of "our heros"?

Are we being too cynical? Then why the administration's frantic rush in their final talks with the Taliban? Why the presence of Bergdahl's parents in Washington, (as opposed to their home in Idaho), just in time for Obama's announcement of the deal to save their son?

Do you deny that the focus of the news cycle shifted? Don't try to tell me that wasn't the desired outcome. Overnight we went from veterans dying because of Obama's callousness and neglect to a celebration of Obama's compassion and humanitarianism! While our brave veterans die on waiting lists at the indifferent hands of well-compensated government healthcare bureaucrats, let us again affirm (presto!) that "we shall leave no soldier behind!"

What Obama and his loyal hacks didn't count on was the righteous flashover of outrage sparked by Bergdahl's release among those who served with and literally died for him. Once again the naked political calculation and alien cultural values of Obama are laid bare for all to see (if one cares to look).

And let us not forget about Hillary Clinton in all of this. Even now, Obama's scheming and aging heir-apparent cannot bring herself to denounce the wickedness of this swap, or the thinking that led to it. In an interview with Greta Van Susteren she continued to defend the deal and make the remarkably naive assertion that the released terrorists were not a threat to the United States. Why? Because the terrorists are in Qatar, she said. Since they're overseas, they don't pose a threat to us, you see.

Right. Just like bin Laden.