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Coal-Powered Hypocrisy

Environmentalists Give China and India a Free Pass While
Ignoring America's Vastly Superior Pollution Control Technology

China will always talk a good game at UN Climate Conferences, but will never agree to destroy its own economy on the altar of global warming. The highest priority of China's rulers is self-preservation, and that self-preservation depends on its ability to continue raising the standard of living of its people. That in turn means building new power plants to generate electricity. And those power plants will be powered by coal.

For their part, environmentalists don't want to call China (or India) out on their pollution emissions problems because if they did, their climate conferences would collapse. They need China and India to be there.


According to the chart above, more than 2,400 coal-fired power plants are under construction or being planned around the world.

These new plants will emit 6.5 billion tons of carbon dioxide a year and totally undermine environmentalist efforts to limit global warming. China is building 368 plants and planning a further 803. India is building 297 and planning 149.

Rich countries are also planning new coal plants. After the nuclear disaster at Fukushima, Japan is turning back to coal, with 40 plants in their pipeline and five under construction.

As for the United States, at the end of 2012 it could lay claim to 557 power plants within its borders which were powered in whole or in part by coal. In the last eight years, under President Obama and his radical-environmentalist policies, a fair number of them have been shut down. According to the EPA, only three new coal plants were being planned for the entire country.

Now, President Trump has promised to undo the Obama's “job-killing restrictions on the production of American energy.” Coal, once left for dead, may be on the verge of a huge comeback.

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