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Liberal Democrat
Gun Control Insanity in Chicago

Over a recent weekend in Chicago, 62 people were shot and 10 were killed, including a 7-year-old boy who took a bullet to his chest in the middle of an attack aimed at his father. White Supremacists had nothing to do with it. There were no Confederate flags seen. No rogue cops. But there were lots of punishing and useless gun control laws in place. They've been around for awhile.

This was actually an improvement over last year, by the way, when, over a similar period, 82 people were shot, and 16 killed.

All of which makes us wonder — how long will it be before Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel pushes for even tougher gun laws? And now a trick question — will Chicago's liberal judges and law-enforcement leaders enforce the laws already on the books?

The shootings were mostly in the South and West sides of the city. Police chief McCarthy, for one, has had enough. “This has got to stop,” he said. He could start by speaking out about the actual problem, which has little to do with guns.

Chi-town already has some of the strictest gun laws and gun bans in the country. That and the highest crime rate: so says the FBI.

In the first quarter of 2015, Chicago shootings were up 40%. According to CPD figures, there have been 18 more murders this year than last.

Blaming guns won't stop it. If blaming guns were an effective response to this problem, it would have been solved long ago. Let's call this problem by its proper name: gang violence.

Chicago's political leaders don't have the stomach or the courage to say it: the gangland culture of violence is at the root of this problem. But then to admit such a thing would require them to admit that their liberal social ideas are wrong, and that would be too painful a blow to their pride and self-image. They'd rather go to another policeman's funeral instead. Or a whole string of them.

How long before Rahm Emanuel and all the compassionate, morally-superior progressives at places like the Huffington Post scream for stricter gun laws to deal with gangs who will keep a good tight grip on their illegal guns? Any bets?

By the way, this sign is posted outside of Mayor Emanuel's house. He has Secret Service protection. Don't they use guns?