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The Blackmail Target

Who will blackmail Hillary first? The Russians?
The Chinese? The North Koreans? The Iranians?

It’s a safe assumption that when Hillary Clinton was President Obama’s Secretary of State, her private, poorly-protected emails were intercepted by the Russians or Chinese (and quite probably other governments with cyber war programs as well). They now have a wealth of incriminating information on her, however effective her efforts to erase her private server may have been. The American public and Hillary’s Republican foes may never know what’s in those missing emails. But America’s enemies almost certainly do.

Early in her term as Secretary of State, Hillary went to Beijing to consult with China’s Foreign Minister. Her email account was not encrypted at that time and it would have been easy for any traffic on her Blackberry to be intercepted by the Chinese government. This would have included her email password. Even after encryption, her emails could be intercepted, so long as she hadn’t changed her password. Her email server could also have been hacked.

The correspondence of Huma Abedin, Hillary’s assistant, also resided on the ClintonEmail.com home-brew email system. Her email account has probably been penetrated too.

Even if the Chinese and/or other governments haven’t intercepted Hillary’s emails, the very fact that they could have been intercepted could open her up to blackmail. A foreign minister meeting with President Hillary Clinton need only hint at that minister’s government’s willingness to release emails injurious to Hillary’s administration, and that government would have a huge (and hugely destructive) influence over the conduct of Hillary’s foreign policy.

Thanks to President Obama’s foreign policies we are now deeply beset in a truly dangerous period of conflict and danger in many parts of the world. The mere possibility of a future president who is subject to foreign government blackmail will undermine the ability of the United States to function effectively.

Recently at the Iowa National Security Action Summit, which was co-hosted by the Center for Security Policy and the Family Leader Foundation, Admiral James “Ace” Lyons (U.S. Navy, Ret.) — a four-star admiral and former Commander in Chief of the U.S. Pacific Fleet, Senior U.S. Military Representative to the United Nations, and Deputy Chief of Naval Operations — referred to Hillary Clinton’s e-mails when he made the following observation about Russia possibly blackmailing Bill Clinton over his affair with Monica Lewinsky:

One more thing I want to cover. Hillary's e-mails. Hillary, the pathological liar. Now, you gotta understand, you heard all about cyber warfare and so forth. Every one of our enemies, Russia, China, Cuba, Iran, everybody. They've hacked in to that unsecured server. She's totally compromised. She's damaged goods. There's no way she can be allowed to get in that White House.

I'll tell you one other thing. You know the Russians are the best in the world at this. They tapped in to Bill Clinton's phone lines and they knew about Monica long before you did. Now let me tell you the way they used it. Russia was in desperate financial shape. They needed 26 billion dollars out of the IMF. Larry Summers... was our Treasury Secretary, [and was] dead set against it, everybody was set against it, until suddenly — through Strobe Talbott — who the Russians let Strobe know that they knew about Monica, Bill Clinton found it within himself to approve the transfer, and what got transferred was 4.6 billion dollars in hard cash that disappeared.

Admiral Lyons also highlighted his concerns as to how deeply the Muslim Brotherhood has infiltrated the U.S. national security establishment and government leadership circles:

And let me just say a few words about the Muslim Brotherhood. The Muslim Brotherhood started penetrating our government starting in the 1960s. Today, they have been able to penetrate every national security and intelligence agency in our government. They have carte blanche entry into the White House. They are institutionalized.

If we elect a new Clinton administration next year, it will be vulnerable to new degrees of pressure from our enemies. Bank on it.