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Hillary’s Deadly “Reset” Follies

Back in 2009, one of Hillary Clinton's most high-profile projects as President Obama's Secretary of State was her effort to "reset" the dysfunctional relationship between the United States and Russia.

The liberal assumption was that President Bush's foreign policy was to blame for global tensions between the United States and Russia.

But all of that was supposed to change when President Obama succeeded Bush. A new era of enlightenment and "smart power" was dawning. Once President Obama renounced Bush's provocative belief in peace through strength, Vladimir Putin and the Russians would see that they had nothing to fear from us, and they would stop behaving badly on the world stage.


In a famous ceremony in March of 2009, Mrs. Clinton and Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov held up a plastic "reset" button for the media that was supposed to symbolize the "fresh start" that the two countries were setting out on together.

Oops... the little plastic "reset" button Mrs. Clinton presented to the Russian Foreign Minister used the wrong word. "Peregruzka" doesn't mean "Reset" in Russian. It means "overcharge".

Now, six years later, how is the Obama/Clinton "Reset" plan doing? Have the Russians given up their imperial ambitions? Have they renounced violence as an instrument of state foreign policy now that President Obama has made good on his promise to tame the United States?

You can start by asking the people of Ukraine. They're living in a civil war instigated largely by Russian troops disguised as "rebels". A wave of Russian terror is spreading throughout eastern Ukraine. The attempted murder of Gennady Kernes, the mayor of Kharkiv, Ukraine's second-largest city, is only the latest high-profile act of violence planned in the Kremlin and carried out in a country – let us not forget this! – that dismantled its own national defense forces in exchange for Western promises of protection from the Russians.

What will President Obama do now? The "Reset" policy he and Hillary Clinton authored so proudly is in ruins. Will he admit his mistake and move on to a new and tougher-minded policy? Will he stand up to Putin? Will he reset the reset? Or will American voters have to hit the "Reset" button themselves in 2016?

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