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The Illegal Alien Invasion

Imagine millions of soldiers on our southern border, flooding our nation for the purposes of colonization. Imagine also that some in our midst were providing material support for this invasion – intentionally undermining our border security. What would we think of them? What would we call them? And how would we stop them?

Such is the melancholy and agitated surge of questions that preoccupies us as we watch the flood of humanity pouring across our southern frontier. The media calls it a "children's crusade" (which happens to include, by the way, no small number of teenaged gang-bangers), but that can't disguise its fundamentally invasive character from the American people. To be sure, the trespassers aren't wearing uniforms, and for the most part they aren't armed. But that doesn't really matter. As Muammar Kaddafi once said, some invasions are carried out "without sword, without gun, without conquest." He was speaking of the Islamist assimilation of Europe, but the same is true here, on the North American continent.

Let us begin with the stark reality that Barack Obama and his fellow socialists touched off this latest human wave with promises (both implicit and explicit) of amnesty for young illegals. His administration has crippled immigration enforcement, and cleared the way for this invading force. Not only has Obama made no effort at deportation, his Attorney General, Eric Holder, has moved quickly to provide taxpayer-subsidized lawyers for the illegals.

So intent is Obama on supporting and encouraging this invasion that he has let it be known that if the current Republican Congress doesn't cooperate with him, he will use executive orders to work his will on the ground, consequences and public sentiment be damned.

There's no question about why Obama is doing this: he's importing voters for his party. Would the Democrat party have any interest in these immigrants if they thought they'd vote Republican? Of course not. More than 80 percent of these new arrivals will march straight into American voting booths and pull levers for the Democrats as soon as we let them. Is this any surprise? Most of our immigrants today, documented or otherwise, illegal or otherwise, come from Hispanic nations. Those nations are socialist. All the impoverishment and economic misery that afflicts Hispanics in their homelands has yet to deter them from voting for the party in America that will all but guarantee their continued impoverishment. Immigrants don't see this obvious connection. And Republicans – at least those in the leadership – lack the desire or political courage to point it out to them. But it's imperative that they do. The point isn't going to make itself.

Even more than amnesty, what Hispanics clearly prefer, politically, is what they've voted for in their socialist homelands: big government. Moderate Republicans and their Chamber of Commerce buddies who don't see this, and who are perfectly willing to join forces with the Left on amnesty, are living in a dream world. Whether they know it or not they are the proverbial frog in the pot of slowly warming water. Worse, they're actually helping to turn up the flames on themselves.

And it's not just Hispanic immigrants, by the way. One reason we here at ElectionDebates favor at least a temporary moratorium on all immigration is that America is a capitalist island in a world awash with socialism. Where are the immigrants of today who are drawn to classical Americanism? Can someone please point them out to us? As conservatives are we not hard-pressed as it is to find and mobilize a sufficient number of American citizens to preserve classical Americanism? It's an uphill fight.

There's an old saying that if you can't get the people to change the government, your only alternative is to change the people. What we call traditional conservatism is a Christian/European creature (modern secular Europeans don't count). From that demographic fact of life let us pivot to another: the great majority of GOP supporters are white and Christian. Other groups may contain some conservatives, but no other group on the face of the earth is made up primarily of conservatives.

Obama and many other leftists have a strong antipathy for so-called "white America" – the term is an epithet in much of today's culture. Obama (which is to say Bill Ayers) called that culture "alien" in Dreams From My Father – and to be an agent of its dismantling is surely something that is dear to him. This goal is shared, paradoxically, by many white liberals, who see in it no danger to themselves. On this, as on so very many other things, they are badly mistaken.