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Obamacare Damages (So Far)

The worst of Obamacare is still years away, but Americans are getting a taste of it now, and it's bitter. Compelled by burdensome new federal mandates, health insurance companies are canceling policies or revising them to cost more and cover less. Those lucky enough to be gainfully employed started getting the bad news during the traditional fall health plan enrollment period, which, unfortunately for Democrats, coincided with the elections. As time passes we can expect the stream of bad news to swell into a flood.

"My Family Lost Our Health Insurance and Can't Sign Up For Obamacare" by Mitchell Sunderland

The Bush years were not kind to my family. Between 2000 and 2011, my parents went from earning high six-figures to roughly $50,000 a year at the Puppy Palace, the pet store my mom owns and my father manages in Hollywood, Florida. During this period, the store’s staff declined from 25 full-time employees to fewer than ten part-time employees and one full-time employee who received health care through her husband.

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More losing insurance coverage than signing up on ObamaCare exchanges

More Americans reportedly are being kicked off their insurance due to ObamaCare requirements than are signing up for coverage via the newly launched health care exchanges.

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"Think Tank: Health-Insurance Premiums Will Almost Double in Wisconsin" by Sterling Beard

Health-care premiums in Wisconsin will almost double under Obamacare, compared with their current rates, according to a report from the MacIver Institute.

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"Obamacare has become the Un-Affordable Care Act" by Ernest Istook

Not only is Obamacare unpopular with the general public, but it also is losing favor among the very people it’s supposed to help. The White House has difficulty getting the uninsured to buy Obamacare not merely because the government website is bad, but mostly because the product is bad. It’s overpriced.

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"The Obamacare exchange's lack of security" by Jennifer Oliver O'Connell

Week 3 of the Obamacare exchange rollout is the same old song: glitches remain, error messages abound, lags are prevalent, and there is very little evidence that anyone has actually purchased insurance. An even larger problem is the lack of security on Healthcare.gov and the State exchange sites.

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"Obamacare settled law? Try enforcing it," by Eric Golub

Liberals desperate to preserve the Affordable Care Act are doing what they frequently do when their beliefs are about to collapse. They declare matters “settled” to stifle debate and end conversations. From climate change to healthcare, their prize projects are settled simply because they say so. Everybody else should be quiet and agree with them rather than have honest debates.

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Ben Carson: Obamacare worst thing to happen to the U.S. since slavery

“It is slavery because it aims to make all of us subservient to the government,” he said. “It was never about health care. It was about control.”

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"Why America still hates Obamacare" by Eric Golub

Obamacare is hated not because of racism, bad marketing, or poor salesmanship. It is hated because the product is defective. Critics hated it because of what they thought it would be. They still hate it because they are convinced their concerns have been proven right.

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Boehner: More people will lose insurance under Obamacare than sign up in exchanges

House Speaker John A. Boehner predicted Wednesday that by the end of the month, more Americans will have lost their insurance by being kicked off existing health plans than the number who were able to sign up in the flawed online healthcare.gov website.

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"Tying the Knot Under ObamaCare" by Eileen F. Toplansky

The heinous intrusions into our lives as a result of ObamaCare swell each day. Now, in true Marxist form, the ludicrously named "Affordable Care Act" mounts an all-out attack on marriage.

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"Give us Your Young, Uninsured (and Dying to be Rooked)" by Clarice Feldman

The failures of the Obamacare website came just days after its launch and after '"top White House officials were excitedly briefing lawmakers, reporters, Capitol Hill staff members and Washington pundits" about the "shiny new Web site that was elegantly designed, simple to use and ready."

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"Thanks to ObamaCare, My Insurance Was Canceled," by Howard J. Warner

I provide the full cost of health insurance for my full-time staff and pay the cost for my family. In August I received a notice that my insurance would cease as of January 2014 due to the basic set of requirements under ObamaCare.

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Peggy Noonan on ObamaCare: ‘Stop the Whole Thing, Go Back to Point One’

Wall Street Journal columnist Peggy Noonan said something about ObamaCare Sunday that the majority of Americans clearly agree with. Appearing on CBS’s Face the Nation, Noonan said, “I wish we could stop the whole thing, go back to point one and say, “Let's try this again””.

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SFGate.com: Half a milllion Californians could lose their health care under Obamacare next year

This Kaiser Health News story has been reverberating across the Internet because it starts to put together the numbers of private health-plan insureds who are receiving cancellations. (This is a small group of Californians; a majority get their health care through employer plans, Medicare or MediCal.)

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Los Angeles Times: Some health insurance gets pricier as Obamacare rolls out

Thousands of Californians are discovering what Obamacare will cost them — and many don't like what they see.

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Herman Cain: "Obamacare would have killed me."

This is one of Cain's great moments of the night. He was asked directly about his comments that he would have died form cancer if Obamacare were in effect whenever he needed treatment, and he answered it to much applause.

Obamacare HHS rule would give government everybody's health records

It's been said a thousand times: Congress had to pass President Obama's health care law in order to find out what's in it. But, despite the repetitiveness, the level of shock from each new discovery never seems to recede.

Obama administration shelves long-term care plan

The Obama administration has shelved a financially troubled long-term care insurance plan. Officials said Thursday the staff has been cut and it's an "open question" if the program will be implemented.

Patients to wait longer for care under new health law, think tank says

Nearly 700,000 Tennesseans will gain new coverage under health-care reform, but those already with insurance might have to wait longer to receive care and younger people overall may have to pay more.

Scary truth about Obamacare keeps seeping out

When House Speaker Nancy Pelosi famously said that she had to pass Obamacare through Congress so that we could find out what was in it, Americans were given a preview of what they are seeing now -- a profusion of legislative errors and broken promises related to President Obama's virtual government takeover of health care. Just this month, we have seen another tranche of bad Obamacare news.

Trouble Continues For ObamaCare's Health Insurance Exchanges

Logistically, setting up the health insurance exchanges is going to be a pain in the neck for anyone, especially when it comes to making determinations about which individuals qualify for new health insurance subsidies.

The Real Cost of Obamacare

People aren't going to be able to afford it, governments aren't going to be able to enforce it... and taxpayers are going to have to foot an even bigger bill in the long run.

Yet Another Obamacare Foul-Up

It turns out that millions of lower-income people who thought they were going to get coverage through Obamacare's insurance exchanges may not.

Labor Markets and Health Care Reform: New Results

The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPAC) will have profound implications for U.S. labor markets. The PPAC is fiscally dangerous, raising the risk of higher labor (and other) taxes at a time when the job market is struggling.

Obama Could "Wipe Out" Restaurants

Here's another reason why the Supreme Court should consider taking up the Obamacare individual mandate case sooner rather than later.

Why ObamaCare Undermines Government

If Obamacare is so great, why do so many people want to get out from under it?

ObamaCare Cheerleader AARP Given ObamaCare Waiver

The latest group to receive a waiver is a company that was ironically one of the biggest cheerleaders of the healthcare legislation at the time of its passage: the American Association of Retired Persons (AARP).

ObamaCare's Next Constitutional Challenge

The Medicaid provision of ObamaCare spells the death knell to competition among the states. States cannot function as "laboratories of democracy"—as the 10th Amendment intended—if the federal government can use its power to tax and spend to bludgeon all states into conformity.

How ObamaCare Will Kill Americans

A major segment of ObamaCare will force cuts in drug and medical device research that "will kill more people than it will help," according to an astonishing study quoted in Reason Magazine May 24. The government medical program was sold as better health at lower cost. But estimated economic cost will total $1.7 trillion, resulting in 32 million lost years of life.

EDITORIAL: Obamacare's unlimited power

The White House defense of Obamacare hinges on the claim that Congress essentially has unlimited power to force Americans to spend their personal money on a cause of the government's choosing. Oral arguments before the 6th Circuit Court of Appeals on Wednesday made this all the more clear.

Beginning January 1, 2013, ObamaCare imposes a 3.8% Medicare tax on unearned income

Like a lot of the poorly-designed, economic programs of this administration, this program will destroy more wealth than it ever gets around to actually transferring.

How ObamaCare destroys your privacy

The Obama health law enacted last year established a national electronic health database that will hold and display your lifelong medical history -- making it accessible to a troubling number of strangers, including government employees and a variety of health-care personnel.

More Than 1,300 ObamaCare Insurance Waivers Granted, Says GAO

The Department of Health and Human Services has granted a total of 1,372 waivers from ObamaCare insurance mandates since the law's enactment, according to a new Government Accountability Office report.

CBO hires Obamacare advocate to provide 'objective' health care budget numbers

The Congressional Budget Office (CBO) has hired Melinda Beeuwkes Buntin, an Obama administration official who has been key in implementing parts of Obamacare thus far and a large donor to Democrats and liberal groups, to work in its Health and Human Resources (HHR) Office.

Coming soon: A bigger, costlier Obamacare

Obamacare poses two great dangers to our nation: lower quality of care and runaway costs. It will stifle innovation and lead to rationing. But the overwhelming cost and the damage it will do to our nation's finances at a pivotal moment in our history deserve greater scrutiny.

The ObamaCare Bad News Continues

A kerfuffle was stirred up last week by a devastating McKinsey & Company study that concluded up to 78 million Americans would lose their current health coverage as employers stopped offering insurance because of President Obama's Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act.

Nevada gets waiver from Obamacare

The Health and Human Services Department announced late Friday that Nevada had secured a statewide waiver from certain implementation requirements of the Obama administration's health care law, because forcing them through, the department found, "may lead to the destabilization of the individual market."

Nearly 20% of Obamacare waivers are for fancy hotels and restaurants in Nancy Pelosi's district

Of the 204 new Obamacare waivers President Barack Obama's administration approved in April, 38 are for fancy eateries, hip nightclubs and decadent hotels in House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi's Northern California district.

List of health reform waivers keeps growing

The number of waivers the Obama administration has awarded for a provision of the year-old healthcare reform law grew by 128 in March.

With the new waivers, that means 1,168 businesses, insurers, unions and other organizations have received one-year exemptions from a healthcare reform provision requiring at least $750,000 in annual benefits

Number of healthcare reform law waivers climbs above 1,000

The number of temporary healthcare reform waivers granted by the Obama administration to organizations climbed to more than 1,000, according to new numbers disclosed by the Department of Health and Human Services.

FactCheck.org: ObamaCare Requires the IRS to Hire 1,000 More Workers

Q: Is the IRS seeking more than 1,000 new workers to administer the new health care law? A: Yes. ... The IRS budget request for fiscal year 2012 shows that the agency is seeking at least 1,269 full-time equivalent employees (FTEs)...

Drudge: Obamacare Waiver list tops 700...

Scroll down the target page to see the table...

HHS grants 500 new healthcare waivers

A week after Republicans announced plans to investigate waivers granted to organizations for healthcare reform provisions, President Obama's health department made public new waivers for more than 500 groups.

3 SEIU Chapters – Including One in Chicago – Granted Obamacare Waivers

The House Energy and Commerce Committee on Thursday asked the Department of Health and Human Services to provide detailed information on the over 200 groups requesting and receiving one-year waivers from Obamacare. In November it was first reported that the Obama Administration had handed out 111 (now over 200) Obamacare waivers to special US companies… And, they hid this information from the American public. It took 6 clicks to find out this information on the government’s health care website.

Comprehensive List of Tax Hikes in Obamacare

It's important to remember that Obamacare is also one of the largest tax increases in American history.

Obamacare Waiver List Swells

The Obama Administration has quietly granted even more waivers to one provision of the new federal health reform law, doubling the number in just the last three weeks to a new total of 222.

Doctors say Medicare cuts force painful decision about elderly patients

Want an appointment with kidney specialist Adam Weinstein of Easton, Md.? If you're a senior covered by Medicare, the wait is eight weeks.

Union Drops Health Coverage for Workers’ Children

One of the largest union-administered health-insurance funds in New York is dropping coverage for the children of more than 30,000 low-wage home attendants, union officials said. The union blamed financial problems it said were caused by the state’s health department and new national health-insurance requirements.

Obama White House Hands Out 111 Obamacare Waivers – Hides It From Public (Video)

This didn’t make any headlines… The Obama Administration recently handed out 111 Obamacare waivers to special US companies… And, they’re hiding this from the American public. It takes 6 clicks to find out this information on the government’s health care website.

Citing health overhaul, AARP hikes employee costs

WASHINGTON – AARP's endorsement helped secure passage of President Barack Obama's health care overhaul. Now the seniors' lobby is telling its employees their insurance costs will rise partly as a result of the law.

Big Insurance, Big Medicine

ObamaCare's once and future harms have been well chronicled, but the major effects so far are less obvious and arguably more important: A wave of consolidation is washing over the health markets, and the result is going to be higher costs.

New Study Says Cost of Health Reform Subsidies Could Far Exceed Previous Estimates

A new study by the Lewin Group estimates that 28.6 million Americans will be eligible for a federal subsidy to purchase health insurance beginning in 2014 at a projected cost to tax payers in excess of $110 billion. This estimate is dramatically higher (578%) than the cost of these subsidies forecast by the Congressional Budget Office (CBO) prior to health reform's enactment into law.

Doctors vs. Bureaucrats: Are They Listening?

This week the National Comprehensive Cancer Network — a group of leading cancer centers — reaffirmed its existing recommendation that Avastatin be used for women with advanced breast cancer. The group strongly believes that women with breast cancer enjoy a better quality of life while on the drug. But if supporters of ObamaCare have their way, breast cancer patients will be denied insurance coverage for the drug and will be forced to pay out of pocket for its benefits.

Citing 'Cost Pressure' From New Health Care Law, Boeing Asks Employees to Pay More

Aerospace giant Boeing is joining the list of companies that say the new health care law could have a potential downside for their workers.

Obama’s Healthcare Rules Will Shut Down Catholic Hospitals Nationwide

Another aspect of the destructive nature of [Obamacare] is that once government takes over the system, Democrats will assume they have the power to force religious-based healthcare providers to perform abortions and this will cause thousands of facilities to close down.

The Light at the End of the Tunnel Is an Oncoming Train

The news today is that 89,000 stimulus checks — totaling $22 million — got sent to people who were dead or in jail...

The Unraveling Of ObamaCare

Thirty companies and organizations get waivers from the new health care overhaul because otherwise they'd have to raise rates or drop coverage. The president said neither would happen. Hey, where's our waiver?

The Obamacare massacre continues: 3M to drop retiree health plans

3M Co. confirmed it would eventually stop offering its health-insurance plan to retirees, citing the federal health overhaul as a factor.

7) ObamaCare is proving the critics right daily

At the Principal Financial Group, the company’s decision reflected its assessment of its ability to compete in the environment created by the new law.

McDonalds May Drop Health Plans for Workers

Today’s Wall Street Journal reports that McDonalds “warned federal regulators that it could drop its health insurance plan for nearly 30,000 hourly restaurant workers unless regulators waive a new requirement of the U.S. health overhaul.”

Health reform to worsen doctor shortage: group

(Reuters) — The U.S. healthcare reform law will worsen a shortage of physicians as millions of newly insured patients seek care, the Association of American Medical Colleges said on Thursday.

First Lady Asks Nurses to Engage in Legislative Advocacy with Their Patients

With hundreds of thousands of medical errors occurring each year — a problem that ObamaCare does nothing to address — this is exactly what I want my nurse thinking about as she’s inserting a needle into my arm.

Harvard Pilgrim Customers to Lose Current Coverage Due to ObamaCare

Add 22,000 New Englanders to the list of Americans who will lose their current health care coverage as a result of ObamaCare.

Blue Cross, HealthPartners suspend some health plan sales

Two of Minnesota's biggest health plans said Thursday they have temporarily suspended sales of individual health insurance policies because of uncertainty related to the new federal health reform law.

Obamacare silences health insurers

Last week saw more bad news for Obamacare. So the Obama administration slipped on the brass knuckles. Health insurance premiums grew by a smaller increment in 2010 than in any of the past 10 years. But on Tuesday, the Wall Street Journal reported that Obamacare appears to be turning that around.


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