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Off a Cliff...

In the third hour of his Thursday (10/25) show, Rush Limbaugh returned to one of his favorite themes – that liberals cannot be candid about what they believe, or what their governing plans are, because if they were they would win far fewer elections than they do now.

This truism is doubly true with President Obama, whose election in 2008 must surely rank as one of the biggest political scams in American history. It's become blindingly obvious throughout the 2012 campaign that Obama's reelection campaign relies solely on tearing down Mitt Romney. The reason is simple. Obama can't run on his own record. Four years ago he didn't have that problem. Today he does, and it's insurmountable.

Case in point: his second-term agenda. The President has been alarmingly vague about what he would like to do if he were reelected. The truth about his intentions can only be guessed at indirectly... from recordings of speeches made to friends and allies which were never meant to be made public, or from the occasional inconveniently-placed hot mic.

The President met recently with the Editorial Board of The Des Moine Register to discuss his agenda for a second term. Not surprisingly, it was off the record. But surprisingly, the Register made a big stink about it, such that the White House finally relented to the public release of a transcript. Reading through it, it makes perfect sense why Obama would've preferred that it not be made public: in it, he reveals his desire to move forward on two highly unpopular policies:

1) Expiration of the Bush Tax Rates
2) Defense Sequestration

These policies are unpopular for good reason – they will lead to large amounts of economic suffering if they are enacted.

The Bush tax rates, though routinely portrayed in the mainstream media as benefiting only "The Rich", in fact are a boon for millions of middle-class American taxpayers. If the rates are allowed to expire, the additional burden on the American economy, already in fragile shape from four years of Obama's misguided and destructive socialist policies, will be enormous.

The Defense Sequestration, which is just bureaucratese for hollowing out the U.S. military, was part of the devil's bargain between Democrats and Republicans which prevented a government default on debt obligations at the height of the budget crisis in the summer of 2011. If it is enacted as planned – a certainty if Obama is reelected – the result will be terrible both for our economy and the military.

In his interview with the Des Moine Register editors, Obama is blandly matter-of-fact as he discusses the two body blows he plans to inflict on the economy:

So when you combine the Bush tax cuts expiring, the sequester in place, the commitment of both myself and my opponent – at least Governor Romney claims that he wants to reduce the deficit– but we're going to be in a position where I believe in the first six months we are going to solve that big piece of business. It will probably be messy. It won't be pleasant...

Defense spending climbed steadily during the Bush Administration, peaked early in the Obama Administration's first year, and is now headed steadily down. That decline will accelerate dramatically if Defense Sequestration cuts favored by Obama are allowed to take place.

Simply put, President Obama is perfectly ready to send the U.S. economy – and the American middle class – off a cliff if he wins reelection. Mitt Romney opposes defense sequestration and the expiration of the Bush tax rates. If for no other reasons than these (and actually there are plenty of other reasons), it is our devout hope here at Election Debates that Governor Romney becomes our next president.

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