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Trump and the People

President Trump hasn't been in office very long, but one thing we've already noticed about him: he's not letting himself get trapped in the Beltway bubble. His thunderously upbeat rally Sunday in Florida brought the old campaign-mode Donald back to the voters, and they couldn't get enough.

"I'm here because I want to be among my friends and among the people," he told the crowd. "And I want to be here with you, and I will always be with you. I promise you that. I want to be in a room filled with hardworking American patriots who love their country, who salute their flag, and who pray for a better future."

While he had plenty of his usual scorn for the press, Trump spent most of his time on his bread-and-butter themes: safe streets, access to affordable health care, more jobs, and fewer regulations. At one point, he spotted and invited a man named Huber to come join him on stage, calling on him to jump a fence to make it over — making sure in the process that the Secret Service didn't take him down for doing it.

Trump is energized by ordinary people and seems to be doing his best to be around them. The Washington press corps wailed that Trump and his wife Melania went to a private reception from Mar-a-Largo this weekend... without telling them. They call him Hitler, they denigrate him at every turn, and then they cry like babies when he denies them access to him.

When he's not physically removing himself from Washington, he's breaking other Beltway bubbles, such as on Twitter, where he likes to undermine the establishment's P.R. flaks who are accustomed to speaking for the president. And he seems to have taken some control over his cell phone to stay in touch with friends, some people say.

All of which signals a very unusual pattern, given that billionaires as a group tend to want to stay in their bubbles. Not Trump. If he keeps this up, it will herald the arrival of a new kind of presidency, where a fire hose of information from the public reaches the top levels of government that may well have the technology to respond. Other leaders have tried this, but Trump is embracing it like no other politician ever has.

You can find a full video of President Trump's Florida rally here.