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Who She Is

Once upon a time we were taught that “Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me.” Now, just a couple generations later, and upon being exposed to a few highly vulgar, chauvinistic words from Donald Trump, a well-known vulgarian, we are apparently ready to throw an entire political campaign on the trash heap, leaving but one candidate standing: a virulent Leftist who's corrupted or failed at everything she’s touched. How did this happen?

On the off-chance that anyone needs to be reminded, here’s a brief, incomplete list of the things Hillary has said and, more importantly, done, since she entered politics:

Meanwhile, Donald Trump, a vulgarian known as such to all and indisputably a lover of women, engaged in lewd locker room talk about women. It’s a kind of talk we know men have always engaged in — hell, Leftist Hollywood movies often show men talking to each other this way.

Now the political establishment, including Republicans, is going all Claud "Shocked! Shocked!" Raines on us. And that's to say nothing of the ubiquitous anti-Trumpers running around shouting, “I told you so!”

Thanks, antis. Thanks a lot. You couldn't sell your candidates to Americans when you had the chance, and now you’re taking your marbles home.

Many of us didn’t support Donald Trump in the first, second, third, fourth, fifth or sixth place. But a certifiable majority of Republican voters, and more than a few Democrats, have emphatically said “We’re sick of the establishment. We’re sick of GOP leaders who either embrace Leftist values or don't try very hard to resist them, including those who support the Leftist notion that ‘bad’ speech (as defined, naturally, by the Left) is worse than truly bad actions. We’re sick of Republicans who go to Congress and don’t even bother to fight for America because they’ve already surrendered for fear of being called “racist.” Finally, we’re sick of the deceitful media and those linguini-spined members of the GOP who just let them lie.”

Those angry Americans nominated Trump, so the rest of us did the reasonable, rational thing and made the best of it. Because even the worst of Trump’s vulgar boasts and childish self-esteem are still far better than Hillary’s lengthy list of awfuls. And while we’re talking about awfuls, this is the same political establishment — Democrat and Republican — who for years not only tolerated but feted a murderer — Edward Kennedy — who intentionally left a woman to die in the back seat of his car to preserve his career.